About the Department

Benton Township Government Complex

Established in 1979, Benton Township Volunteer Fire Department is a not-for-profit corporation contracted by Benton Township to provide fire and emergency medical first response to the residents of Benton Township.

Located in the town of Unionville on State Route 45, Monroe County Station 14 houses BTVFD’s engine, tanker, brush truck, rescue, squad, rescue boat, and utility vehicle. Support 8 serves as the department chief’s first response vehicle.

Because Benton Township is the largest township in the state geographically but has a small population, it cannot support a paid fire department. All of its services are provided by volunteers, most of whom work in nearby Bloomington during the day. Therefore, the township has a mutual aid agreement with neighboring Northern Monroe Fire Territory, which has four paid firefighters on duty at all times.

BTVFD is supported by Benton Township, donations, and various grants from federal, state and local sources. Its main fund-raising event is an annual chili supper and auction held at Station 14 every May.

BTVFD and its personnel are members of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Members of the Department meet the first Monday of every month for an Association business meeting, the second Monday for EMS training, the third Monday for fire training, and the fourth Monday for vehicle maintenance.